Kenyataan Bapa Altantuya sempena Ulangtahun Altantuya

To: Malaysian Prime Minister Mr.Tun Razak Najib,

I wish you good luck for your work; I heard you are appointed as Prime Minister of Malaysia. However,

  • We need to end all issues regarding the murder case of my daughter as soon as possible and in a short time because the people from two countries have been waiting for the case to be solved;
  • The relationship between two countries have suffered , and there is improbable situation continuing due to a murder case of my daughter Altantuya.;
  • It requires focusing the matter now on my two orphaned grandsons, sons of Altantuya – we need a solution to the civil suit I have filed – from YOU, Malaysian Government, and the police.
  • I would like to calm down my daughter’s spirit by conducting a funeral for her, which I have not done, until all issues surrounding my daughter’s death is settle.

By:Mongolian citizen Dr.Shaariibuu Setev.

05. May.2009


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